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Why Apsimetel?

As former business owners, we know firsthand that the time you spend doing business is time you spend building your business. You need to attract and retain customers, not respond to endless paperwork. We also felt the pain of trying to outsource without having to coordinate and monitor multiple suppliers, many of whom ask more questions than they provide answers.

We’ve developed a seamless, tailor-made solution to ensure your work runs smoothly, so you can focus on what matters most. With Apsimetel you have one point of contact who can answer all your questions and you have a strategic dashboard with which you can see at any time where your company is and where your company is going.

Peace of mind

You are fully covered. We bring years of collective expertise in accounting, compliance and payroll. We leverage technology to proactively manage your needs, whether it's anticipating required submissions and deadlines or automatically tracking AR and AP. Our seamless solution ensures you are compliant, have the right insurance and follow the latest employment laws.

Protect your profitability

We know how important cash flow and profitability are to a small business. We provide you with the reporting and insights to help you make informed decisions. Our experts will ensure that you claim your full share of deductions. Your financial reports reveal the true cost of acquiring each customer. We take your success as seriously as you do.

our expert team

Tashana Thompson


Dani Faelnar

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Lindsey Skipworth


Solutions for businesses

Having a solid small business plan is one thing, but how you lead and execute it to excel is another. Leadership is the backbone of any successful company. Business Solutions is a virtual on-demand platform that can help you achieve top-performing and progressive success as a leader. Whether you have one or ten years of experience, there is a tailor-made course available for every level; all are proven to highlight the skills your business needs.

When should you consider Apsimetel?

Are you looking for financing to grow your business?

We will prepare a well-designed business plan, investor pitch deck, and financial projections.

Do you want to sell part of your company?

We conduct a survey so you can see the true value of your business from different financial angles.

Are you a startup and want to understand the market before launching your services?

We will conduct comprehensive analysis of the sector to ensure actionable insights. An analysis will be conducted to understand the market size and attainable revenue.

Do you need thoughtful content for your blog, whitepaper or presentation?

We can develop graphically designed content that is purposeful, unique and authoritative.

Are you a Blockchain company looking for the next step?

Expert writers from Apsimetel will leverage their domain expertise to craft a compelling whitepaper to help you attract investors and advisors.

Are you an SME and do you want to analyze your competitors?

Get a competitive audit where we conduct secondary market research on multiple parameters to help you gain an edge by identifying what your peers have been up to.

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